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The Independent Oil & Gas Service, Inc. (IOGsi) is a major, proven source of reliable information when it comes to reporting on the latest oil and gas news in Kansas. Your access to timely, reliable, concise information is a key component in your decision making process. 

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  IOGsi WEEKLY HIGHLIGHTS: April 11, 2024

  • A total of 8 new oil and gas drilling permits were issued in Kansas this past week by the KANSAS CORPORATION COMMISSION (KCC). This brings the total number of new permits this year to 240, reflecting 130 less permits than was reported in the same period year ago (-35%). A total of 129 new permits were granted to operators working in the Eastern Ranges of the State this year (53.7%). There were 111 new drilling permits in the Western Ranges (46.3%).

  • There have been 271 wells spudded in Kansas in 2024 (oil, gas, disposal, water supply or injection) compared with 370 during the same period last year (-35%). Twenty-nine wildcat wells have been drilled so far this year, which represents nearly 12% of the total number of wells spudded. This is 19 less wildcat wells than was drilled in same period a year ago (-40%). Figures show Kansas oil field activity continues to be a sluggish but seems to be improving in second quarter of 2024. Overall, activity in the Kansas oil patch is down about 37% compared with same period a year ago.

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KS Common (CVR): $75.25 bbl

OK Sweet (CVR): $81.50 bbl

WTI (NYMEX): $85.02 bbl 

Posted price as of 4/11/2024


Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Co. (MMBtu)                      APR: $1.29 (-5%)            MAR: $1.36 (-56%)           FEB: $3.06 (+15.0%)

Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline (MMBtu)            APR: $1.28 (-8%)            MAR: $1.39 (-58%)         FEB: $3.31 (+12.2%)


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