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IOGsi RED TOP NEWS: WEEK #8, February 20, 2020

IOGsi Week #8, February 20, 2020 Highlights - There were 24 new Kansas drilling permits filed this past week with the Kansas Corporation Commission, bringing the year to date total to 109, or 6 fewer new location filings in the first 8 weeks compared to last year (- 5%)--------------- Kansas Common crude prices rose by $2.00 / bbl to $43.50 / bbl (+ 5%). Southcentral Kansas crude price settled at $45.25 / bbl and Eastern Kansas crude at $40.75 / bbl. --------------- The total number of active drilling rigs in Kansas (either moving to or on drill sites) increased to 22 active rigs, compared to 20 a week ago (- 5%). A month ago, there were 23 active rigs (- 4%). This same time a year ago, 29 rotary rigs were active in the State (- 24%). --------------- The Western Ranges of the State accounted for 73% of the total drilling activity this past week.

In other news, the AMERICAN PETROLEUM INSTITUTE (API), Washington, D.C., reports record U.S. crude oil production in December 2019. Volume increased by 0.6% to 12.870 million b/d, compared to 12.038 million b/d in December 2018 (+ 6.9%). Alaskan crude oil production in December 2019 accounted for nearly 3.8% of the total crude oil produced in the U.S. with 485,000 b/d produced. --------------- U.S. supply of crude oil, natural gas liquids and other liquids in December 2019 totaled 18.947 million b/d, up by 1.213 million b/d from December the past year (+ 6.8%). --------------- U.S. supply of natural gas liquids in December 2019 totaled 4.883 million b/d, compared to 4.483 million b/d in December 2018 (+ 8.9%).--------------- Petroleum products delivered to the domestic market in December 2019 amounted to 20.347 million b/d, compared to 20.304 million b/d in same month in 2018 (+ 0.2%). --------------- Record petroleum exports totaled 8.990 million b/d in December 2019, increasing by 689,000 b/d compared to November. Exports were up from 8.301 million b/d a year ago (+ 8.3%).




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Common: $41.75 bbl
So. Central: $43.50 bbl
$39.00 bbl

*Price based on CVR Refining Posting for Kansas Crude as of 2/24/20


Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Co.
Feb: $1.41 MMBtu
Jan: $1.64 MMBtu
Dec: $1.96 MMBtu

Colo. Interstate Gas Co.
Feb: $1.64 MMBtu
Jan: $1.86 MMBtu
Dec: $2.29 MMBtu


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Current: 22
Week ago: 20 (+10%)
Month ago: 23 (-4%)
Year ago: 29 (-24%)

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